Virtual Memory Data Room

Virtual Memory Data Room

virtual data room serves to store data but physically does not exist. Why is it that way, there is a memory function but nothing physical? The discussion of Virtual Memory will be discussed in the paragraph below. virtual data room is a temporary memory that the computer uses to run various application programs or store data that requires more memory than the available memory. Virtual memory or commonly called Virtual RAM is basically intended to allocate a full cache system in the main RAM. virtual data room is a technique that separates between logical memory and physical memory. The logical memory contains a whole set of programs. Without virtual data room, the logical memory will be directly brought to physical memory (main memory). So the virtual memory function is to do the separation by putting logical memory into secondary storage (secondary disk) and only bringing the required page to main memory (physical memory).

With the existence of virtual data room than the performance on main memory is not disturbed and when it is needed instructions or data contained on a particular page then the page will be searched in the main memory and if the page sought not found in the main memory it will be searched on the secondary disk. virtual data room also can be regarded as Additional Memory which becomes feature each Operating System, for example, there is Swap Linux. virtual data room, the operating system used when the computer is running an application program whose capacity exceeds the available memory. The virtual memory technique will ease the work of a programmer when the data and program’s size exceed the main memory capacity. Virtual Memory in Windows can be obtained from a Harddisk that is set to resemble RAM by the system. This is done because Memory requires more space than physical memory or RAM to run the program. Virtual Memory is a file called pagefile.sys which are set hidden by windows and this file is used to accommodate programs and insufficient data in physical memory or RAM. The virtual size of the data room can be changed and windows recommend a minimum size of 1.5 times the size of physical memory or RAM.

Virtual data room in windows is in the form of swap file or paging file, virtual data room is used at the time of Operating System running out of memory so that operating system will move the last data accessed into swap file on the hard disk. Discharging or waiving some free space in memory for the next used app.

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