Things to do when a disaster hits the theater during the show

Things to do when a disaster hits the theater during the show

Watching a show with your friends and families can be fun, especially if they love the performers and their actions just like the way you do. The amazing artistic performances may never cease to amaze the mind of the audiences who are watching them. So that’s why when the show goes well, you will likely have a good time with your buddies or family. Unfortunately, even for the carefully planned shows, sometimes an accident or a disaster might take place when everyone least expects. So that’s why you definitely need to know the best ways to save yourself along with the people who’re with you to the safety. You may also need to check out if you need to buy tickets from the trusted vendor.

Choose the seats which are located not too far from the emergency exit doors

You can be certain that choosing the seats that located not too far from the emergency exits will be a wise decision. Although it can be hard to choose such fine seats due to you’ll likely not the only person who thinks that way. So in order to claim your seats near the exits quickly, you may have to buy the tickets earlier than most audiences. Although the view to the stage may not be the best one, at least you will be able to secure yourself and your companions a lot faster than most audiences in the theater.

Don’t panic and follow the security’s instruction

When an accident or a disaster in the theater takes place, you bet that the security guards will likely try to guide the audiences to get out of the theater safely. So follow their instructions, and don’t let the behavior of the panicked spectators affect you. The more people who are panicking, the bigger the risk of having an additional disaster at that moment.

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