Many have the view that to be a t-shirt designer, you should be able to create a good design, complete with mastery of drawing skills or graphic design tee shirt printing singapore . And many who argue that a good shirt screening or t-shirts that “sell” in the market are always made with images of designs that are sophisticated and powerful. The reality is not so, the minimal t-shirt design is popular with the market, and to be a t-shirt designer, you do not have to be able to draw or tinker with graphic design software. You may have an idea to make a simple screen printing design but because it is easy to see then eventually become famous and familiar in the community. This simple theme can be applied anywhere because the choice of any simple style is currently trending and many made the choice to use. Simple style can be applied by using screen printing on clothes, shoes, bags, and any material that can be used as a screen printing media. The best print clothes are simple but comfortable clothes. Where can you find it? Only on tee shirt printing singapore.

The simple style of the screen printing is increasingly enjoyed over time because people consider the effects generated by this minimalist design of the impression of simple, pleasing to the eye, at the same time engine. Enjoyable because sometimes it only consists of a single color so impressed clean, without the addition of excessive detail. In addition, sometimes this simple style at the same time showing the user’s firmness in conveying ideas or ideas to be disseminated to people who see it. What is important in making a simple t-shirt design is as follows the design has a strong concept or want to convey a message. For example a t-shirt of words, or a specific logo. Make sure to use high-quality plain shirts, so your shirt even though the design is simple, remain exclusive. Although using a minimalist style, but do not have to use a limited color and ‘minimalist’ as well. Sometimes because expecting a firm impression then used the choice of dark colors such as black or dark blue. Though it could not hurt you choose to use the color of neon colors. This is to offset the simple style you use. Neon colors can serve as the attention of people who see your screen printing design because of its ‘eye-catching’ color with a simple design.