Secrets To Make Your Hair Keep Straight

Secrets To Make Your Hair Keep Straight

In addition to blowing, a hairstyle that women often do is straighten hair by using a flat iron or Hair straightening tools. For those of you who often use the hair straightener and want straight hair all day, follow these tips.

Hair care, especially for women is a tricky thing. Especially for women who like to wear hair straightener. Hair will look straight and neat when wearing a hair straightener but if too often pegged the wrong way, as a result, is the hair becomes dry and easily broken. For those of you who also love to use a hair straightener and experience the same thing, there are ways to manipulate the correct hair straighteners and treat hair to avoid dry and quickly damaged.

How to align the right hair:

– Do not the hair straightener when the hair is wet or washed out, wait until the hair becomes dry.

– Placing the hair straightener while still wet will make the hair smell like burning.

– Before straightening hair, wipe serum, cream, vitamins or hair protective lotion to prevent dry hair but still shiny and healthy.

– Separate hair into several parts, a hairpin with a hair straightener and hold for 6 seconds and pull from base to tip of the hair. Try not to stop in the middle because it will make the hair look broken.

– Do not straighten one part of hair repeatedly. Friction between the hair and hair straightener plates can damage the hair cuticle. After finish comb with a special bristle brush in accordance with the wishes.

Maintaining a hair straightener:

Choose a hair straightener with a plate made of Titanium ceramic. Titanium ceramic plates produce constant heat and evenly on the hair, making it faster straight. After straightening let stand until the tool straighteners hair cold then wipe with a clean towel. Keep your hair straightener device in a dry place. Do not put it in a humid place, like a bathroom, because moisture will damage electronic circuitry.

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