Recognize The Old Five Most Unknown World Heritage Sites

Recognize The Old Five Most Unknown World Heritage Sites

If you have ever heard of the Galapagos archipelago, then the one in your mind may be an archipelago inhabited by ancient animals. The islands are known as islands containing endangered animals. In addition, the islands are also known as beautiful sailing spots. Sailing to Galapagos is something you can do if you go there.

Of all the interesting facts that exist about these islands, it turns out the Galapagos is one of the 12 oldest world heritage sites. Here are 5 of the 12 sites.

1. L’Anse aux Meadows National Historic Park, Canada
The rest of the life of the Vikings in the 11th century there is a testament to the arrival of the first Europeans in North America. Excavations on this site find wooden frames, layered buildings, peat grasses that are also found in Iceland at the same time.

2. Simien National Park, Ethiopia
Amazing mountain tops, steep valleys, and rare animals that regard this site as home. there’s so much you can do there, visitors can find Walia Ibex, the goat-like animals that live there, the rare Gelada primate, and the house of Simien. In addition, many wild animals such as leopards, hyenas, wolves and 400 species of birds.

3. Salt Park Wieliczka and Bochnia, Poland
This salt mine is an example of impressive mining techniques from the 13th century to the 20th century. There is a basement that serves as salt mining. Areas dug for salt have been converted into warehouses, workplaces, and chapels. There are many sculptures and other decorations dotted into the rocks of salt.

4. Quito City, Ecuador
The town of Quintus, the name for the people who lived in the area before the Spaniards. Although it hit by an earthquake, the historical center of Quito is quite well maintained.

5. Galapagos, Ecuador
The sea and the islands make the islands a unique archipelago of rare animals, plant life, and earthquake activity. Many animals inhabit these islands such as giant turtles, sea iguanas, and many others.

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