One of the reasons why many beginner traders find it difficult to profit is the habit of cutting profit and letting loss continue to float. To overcome this, you may already be acquainted with the benefits of Stop Loss and Take Profit, along with the Risk / Reward Risk concept that is part of risk management. In addition, there are also alternative manuals such as doing Averaging, set Trailing Stop, and much more. However, the advantages of demo accounts that do not carry real risks can easily make you underestimate the importance of risk management. The idea is like this: “Why bother to estimate the ideal stop loss and take profit or even set the averaging strategy? Herein lies the danger of trading a demo account if you take it too long because it is comfortable with demo account ease, risk management is not prioritized or even neglected.When it is time to transition to a real account, the expertise to manage risk management is not honed.In fact, it is precisely this aspect of the key to surviving in a real account.That’s why you need us to provide training as a trading and balance your profits, then you can get ready by visiting us at the website

Remember you with the example of “commitment” in the first point? If so, try to estimate how many percents of traders actually apply the intentions in real accounts. In fact, most trading methods in real accounts are a result of what you do on a demo account. Realized or not, bad habits in the demo account will be carried away in the real account, although previously you always promised in the heart to be more introspective after opening a real account. To change and adjust to real estate account conditions, it takes time and (maybe) some real losses that motivate you to fix the habit. In some cases, bad habits can actually be more fatal if it is burdened by psychological pressure from trading risk with real money. For example, when you are used to widening Stop Loss for no reason in a demo account, you will repeat it again when trading in a real account. But because here you are already using real money, then the reason to widen stop loss can be more irrational because it is influenced by psychological factors that can destroy your trading.