Keep your MacBooks in optimum works

Keep your MacBooks in optimum works

Just because you are looking for MacBooks repair plantation right now, it doesn’t mean you must come back to the repair professional more and more. Here, we are going to share with you some things you can do or in other words, you have to do to keep your Mac in good shape.

– Make sure everything is up-to-date

Checking for updates for Apple software at least once a month is important to keep your Mac optimal. From the Apple menu, select Software Update and make sure your computer is connected to the internet. Software Update will check your system and check which updates are needed .. If there is, then there is an option later for you to update the software in question. Check the desired software and click the Install button to download and install the update.

– Get rid of your toys!

You are not a child anymore, right? Do not let your desktop fall apart with all sorts of scattered files and place your files where it is easy to find. This can minimize the possibility of your files being accidentally erased and you can work efficiently. You can create new folders (in finder, push the Shift-Command-N key) and set them to your liking.

– Repair Disk Permissions

It is a good idea to ensure periodically that your disk permissions are in good health – especially after upgrading or installing new software. Open Disk Utility (in / Application / Utilities) and choose your HDD icon in the left panel. Click the First Aid tab, and click Repair Disk Permissions to start the process (can take several minutes). If Disk Utility finds a problem, it will fix it!

– Backup your data!

To prevent things that are not desired, make sure you do back-up on a regular basis. You can save it to a CD, DVD, external HDD, iPod, iDisk, or anything else that can be used to store data. Do not forget to delete the copy files contained on your hard drive to make additional space. If you want to know how to back up, choose Mac Help from the Help menu in the Finder and do a search for “back up files”.

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