How to Entertain Yourself While Working or Studying

How to Entertain Yourself While Working or Studying

Both working and studying can be boring sometimes that you might need a little thing to do to entertain you in the middle of either working or studying. So, you can get back your spirit to do what you are doing at the moment. Here are several things that you can try doing:

– Doodling

This is a great way to keep your hands busy while your brain is focused on what the teacher or professor says. You can also do this while working, when you think of a project you should work on next or if you just try to look busy in front of the boss.

If you like it, you can hold a doodling contest with your friends or coworkers. Try to beat each other with a fantastic image, or add another image, to create a totally wild image.

– Doing creative work

You want to challenge yourself while working or in class and if you get bored, you may be less challenged. Try to do challenging and interesting work and offer it to your boss or teacher.

– Tidy something

When you have free time while working or at school, its time to tidy up something. Sometimes this can help you find your productivity again. Clean your workplace or school folder. Make sure everything is in the right place and can be found easily.

– Clean your computer

Clean the screen and the distance between keys. If your computer used to be white, do your best to restore the color of your laptop. Arrange your computer so you can find many things you want to find. Put the pictures in the folder labeled pictures and make sure all your documents are inserted into the correct folder.

– Meditation

If you have free time and are bored, you can use your time for meditation. This will help calm your mind and keep you focused on the work to come. This is a good payback strategy.


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