Cleverly and Safely Search Dating Through Dating Application

Cleverly and Safely Search Dating Through Dating Application

Technological advances are always interesting. It can be said, the development of digital technology shifts many aspects of society. Includes how people get acquainted and continue to build romantic relationships. If the first dating can only be done by acquaintance by mail, phone, or directly meet. Now, all become more practical and fast. Looking for new friends, dating friends, or even live mates, can be done online through dating applications, where you can find out and know your potential partner through Chat that you do both. But we recommend that online application users to date you should do it carefully. Do not be so enthusiastic about looking for a new friend or future girlfriend then forget about security. Some of the following ingenious steps can be considered!

Do not Share Personal Information
Being friendly in response to incoming messages is okay. But do not forget to be careful. When new acquaintances, you should avoid being too open about personal information such as residence, place of work, or even date of birth. Even if you have not felt comfortable giving phone numbers or emails, listen to your heart.

Recognizing Accounts Scammer
There are many scammer accounts scattered in online dating applications. How to recognize can start from the profile picture. Usually, a scammer with a female account will put pictures of young and beautiful women. While the male account scammer put up a picture of a grown man and handsome. Obviously, the photos used are fake, stolen from Google. You will also have trouble tracking other social media accounts of the scammer because all the information provided is fake. Scammers also usually cannot send photos if requested immediately and do not want to be invited video chat or Skype. These scammers also use too often the words “my dear”, “babe”, “angel”, “darling”, “affection” and other sweet greetings. In the dating app, they will tell you about his life that is quite successful and frequent traveling. Then the story will continue with their previous partner died or cheating to attract sympathy. After telling the story, they said they were ready to move on because they found someone special, the potential victim.

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