How to Clean an Old Painting?

How to Clean an Old Painting?

The old oil painting surface tends to darken and blacken from time to time and can make paintings look less bright. By cleaning the dirt and removing the yellowed varnish, it allows you to see the initial shape of the painting when it was first made by the painter.Speaking of paintings, if you are currently bored with the old paintings that are still displayed on the walls of your home then it would be better if you replace it with a new one. In addition to changing the atmosphere of your room, the new painting also surely will add peace to your soul. One of the recommended paintings is christian wall art. You can directly visit the website at to see the various collections of wall art.

Meanwhile, to clean the painting only the experts who have the experience and the tools to restore the precious painting artwork become cleanly manicured. But anyone can try to clean old paintings with cheap cost and simple equipment if you do it carefully and carefully.

Therefore, here are some simple ways to clean the painting with easy-to-reach equipment!
Magnifying glass
Knife Cutter
Soap smooth
Small sponge
Cotton swabs/cotton bud

Put the painting in a horizontal position to make it easier for you to clean it.
Look at the surface of the painting with a magnifying glass. If there is a small point, it is often caused by insect feces, can be removed with a cutter knife, work with care and slowly.
To remove dirt like dust on the surface of the painting, wipe it with a solution of water and a mild soap if the painting is not cracked or the paint is peeling off. Be careful cleaning certain corners that are difficult to reach. Use enough water and try to keep the canvas not too wet.
Remove the lacquer layer from a painting if it starts to change color or yellow. The trick is to use alcohol, try in a small corner area by applying a small amount of alcohol to the cotton. If in this way paint painting/pigment participate erased, reduce alcohol content. If this solution is not strong enough to remove varnish, increase alcohol levels. Start from the smallest part until you finish removing all the varnish.

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