Basic Knowledge to be A Storyteller

Basic Knowledge to be A Storyteller

Storytelling is currently widely applied. Not just in class, but on occasions like birthday parties or special parties for children. That is why storytelling is currently included in one of the most popular event entertainment ideas.

Many people say that storytelling is easy. Just read a story book to children, then it can be called storytelling. The assumption is not wrong, but also not true. To convey a fairy tale correctly, you need a few tricks. Do not let the kids get bored with the tales you convey. Especially if you are storytelling in front of many children. They can disperse one by one.

To attract the attention of children, a storyteller must be able to express and energic. If the storytellers are limp and flat in storytelling, there is a child who will listen. in storytelling, there should be changes in intonation, facial expression, and body movement. Therefore, to be an expressive storyteller, facial expression, intonation, and body language should be continuously trained.

A storyteller must have many stories. Children will get bored if they constantly hear the same story. Expand reading people’s stories or other literature. That way, storytellers can also improvise in storytelling. Also, choose a good story for the child. Not all stories have a good moral message for children. There are some stories that are not suitable for children, for example about the civil war and others. So choose stories that moral or cultural messages can imitate children.

Then adjust the theme of the story to the age of the children. For ages under 5 years, a fairy tale is about the environment, such as animal or plant stories. At the age of 5-7 years, children may begin to be introduced to folklore. Furthermore, children at the age of 9-12 years match the story of fiction, such as adventure. Maximum age of children is given a fairy tale is the age of 12 years. After that, the child needs to be stimulated by a shared story method, such as discussion.

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